For five years now, we have been migrating our technology from hardware to software. We are well-known as an innovative company, virtualization at SOUND4SOFT is not using conventional software on virtualized platforms, we are definitively not thinking like this!

We are coming from hardware environments where we are using strongest DSP's coded only in assembly for the maximum of efficiency. Our approach for porting our application is the same, using in low-level instructions offered by the CPU's directly, and not resting on the floor of the operating system so far from the low-level possibilities.
Technology image

Less CPU

Run hundreds of instances on the same CPU when our competitors are stuck to a few...


A robust architecture

Our solutions are simple, efficient, optimized and finally super robust!


No more latency

No more latency than hardware conventional products, yes this is finally possible!


Less investments

Yes, our competitors are needing so many servers when we are using only one for the same job!


Less operating cost

Less power consumption, less monthly cost!

Virtual Drivers

With our own virtual drivers for Windows, ASIO version is also available for real-time applications.

VST3 plugins

Use the complete list of SOUND4SOFT products in your studio environments.

In containers

At the top of the security for advanced high density needs, our solutions are all available in containers.

A Dynamic Library

The native engine, In this case, software editors or integrators are using our dynamic library (DLL or SO) as a component.

We are proposing our solution as a service invoiced monthly. According to needs, we can also invoice on different periods. At SOUND4SOFT all is included, we will not ask you for extra-support fees. Updates are of course included, our goal will be always getting our customers satisfied years after years.