Virtualized Broadcast Sound Processing

Hight density applications, ultra-low CPU needs, ultra-low latency
Available as Windows applications, VST3, containers and much more...

We are the leading company in innovative broadcast sound processing. For 16 years, we have established a solid reputation in radio FM/HD/DAB processing, Streaming processing, coding, and Voice Processing. All our products were hardware-based.

Since last 5 years, we have initiated a transition to Virtualization, we have launched our first product 3 years ago, it is the SOUND4 x1 .CL, the virtualized version of the leading streaming processor called SOUND4 x8. Today we have hundreds and hundreds x1 .CL running, and we can say that it is a real success!

We are extending the product range days after days, recently we launched SOUND4 IMPACT .CL, the virtualized version of our flagship FM/HD/DAB processor called SOUND4 IMPACT.

For the 100th edition of NAB, we have launched the SOUND4 Big Voice .CL, yes the most used voice processor in the world, now virtualized and usable in live without more latency than the hardware version, this is amazing!