The SOUND4 x1 .CL is the virtualized version of one of the most used streaming processor in the world called SOUND4 x8

Same price for each application - Available: Windows Driver & DLL versions - Soon: VST3 & ASIO versions



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Engineered for streaming

Engineered for streaming

SOUND4 x1 .CL is based on a true processing chain dedicated to webstreaming and features the “Predictive HQSound” algorithm which optimizes codec results and reduces compression-induced sound artifacts.

Under the hood...

Under the hood...

Based on the HQ SOUND 192 kHz engine, a SOUND4 patented technology, the processing chain is composed of an advanced Wideband AGC, 4-band EQ, Tone FX, Stereo FX, 3-band processing, 4-band limiter with special high-end management for reducing streaming artifacts, and for finishing a super efficient final limiter with an Over Drive mode for getting a sound more solid when needed. In short, all you need to make your streams sound's perfect!

R128 Loudness management

R128 Loudness management

SOUND4 x1 .CL is fully compliant with loudness standard, truepeak respectful, users can set the loudness barrier where they want!

The best balance in term of CPU needs

The best balance in term of CPU needs

In real life, there are always compromises, in the typical application of streaming processing, it is crucial to not consume tones of CPU for a maximum of efficiency. Imagine when the need is for hundreds and hundreds of channels... x1 is the first processor in the world in terms of sound performances and CPU consumption: less than 250MHz per instance! Just imagine, 400 instances on a 16 cores processor running at 5 GHz, SOUND4 is the only in the world who can provide this!

All controlled in a super user-friendly HTML GUI

All controlled in a super user-friendly HTML GUI

Ergonomics is the obsession at SOUND4, x1 .CL is fully controlled thanks to a nice and user-friendly HTM5 GUI...



This product is perfect for Steaming applications, HD radios and DAB and in general for all digital applications. x1 .CL is available with Windows driver I/O's, connected to ASIO Windows driver, VST3 and as DLL for software integration. x1 .CL can also do file processing on the go at a 30x time speed or more according to CPU capacities.


Typical CPU use

The processing engine consumes 180 MHz. Typically and with a headroom for security, a user will be able to run 400 x1 .CL on a 16 cores processor running at 5 GHz. Of course, this depends on the processor's generation. Virtualized SOUND4 products are compatible with Intel & AMD, we always recommend the latest generations of processors for the best results in terms of capacities.


Os Compatibility

On Windows operating systems (w10, w11, Server 2019, Server 2022), x1 .CL is available with Virtual Driver, ASIO, VST3 and the native DLL engine for software integrations. On Linux, only the DLL is available for product integration for the moment.


Recomended Instruction-sets capacitties

For high density applications, we recommend CPU armed with AVX2 (or better AVX512F).


User interface

All is accessible thanks to our super user-friendly and ergonomics HTML5 user interface.

You want to see a x1. CL running?

(Experience limited on mobile, we are recommending you to explore this demo on a computer)

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