SOUND4 FILE .CL is able to process audio files with BIG VOICE, x1 & IMPACT. It can also transcode to the most popular formats (MP3, AAC, HE-AAC, FLAC...). The Kanta Media standard can be used to tag files. The R128 loudness normalization is available as well.


File Processing speed

SOUND4 FILE CL can perform processing tasks at accelerated speeds depending on the CPU capacity. - A voice track file can be processed 132 times faster with BIG VOICE .CL. - A podcast 30 times faster in x1 CL. - An audio file 11 times faster in IMPACT.


Os Compatibility

The SOUND4 FILE .CL is available as a standard Windows application (w10, w11, Server 2019, Server 2022), but it can also be used from the command line while it is running under Linux or Windows.


Recomended Instruction-sets capacitties

For high density applications, we recommend CPU armed with AVX2 (or better AVX512F).


User interface

All is accessible thanks to our super user-friendly and ergonomics user interface.