This product is perfect for HD Radios and DAB and in general for all digital applications. IMPACT .CL is available with Windows driver I/O's, connected to ASIO Windows driver, VST3 and as DLL for software integration. IMPACT .CL can also do file processing on the go at a 10x time speed or more according to CPU capacities.


Typical CPU use

The processing engine consumes 450 MHz. Typically and with a headroom for security, a user will be able to run 150 IMPACT .CL on a 16 cores processor running at 5 GHz. Of course, this depends on the processor's generation. Virtualized SOUND4 products are compatible with Intel & AMD, we always recommend the latest generations of processors for the best results in terms of capacities.


OS Compatible

On Windows operating systems (w10, w11, Server 2019, Server 2022), IMPACT .CL is available with Virtual Driver, ASIO, VST3 and the native DLL engine for software integrations. On Linux, only the DLL is available for product integration for the moment.


Recomended Instruction-sets capacitties

For high density applications, we recommend CPU armed with AVX2 (or better AVX512F).


User interface

All is accessible thanks to our super user-friendly and ergonomics HTML5 user interface.