This product is perfect for live applications thanks to ASIO connectors, in insertion for production studio with the VST3 version, and as DLL for software integration. BIG VOICE .CL can also do file processing on the go at a 60x time speed or more according to CPU capacities.


Typical CPU use

The processing engine consumes 65 MHz. Typically and with a headroom for security, a user will be able to run 175 BIG VOICE .CL on a 4 cores processor running at 3 GHz. Of course, this depends on the processor's generation.


OS Compatible

On Windows operating systems (w10, w11, Server 2019, Server 2022), Big Voice .CL is available with Virtual Driver, ASIO, VST3 and the native DLL engine for software integrations. On Linux, only the DLL is available for product integration for the moment.


Recommended Instruction-sets capacities

For high density applications, we recommend CPU armed with AVX2 (or better AVX512F).


User interface

For making sound setup and controlling everything, BIG VOICE .CL is armed with a super ergonomic user-friendly HTML5 GUI. A second GUI for live applications will be soon available, in this version, it is only possible to recall a preset or mute a Mic only.