15 Apr

After launching x1 .CL, our first virtualized product, we have decided to wait a bit before launching a new product. All was new, the revolutionary architecture, the way of using CPU's in low level, the embedded web server...  

Almost two years later, we can confirm the architecture imagined by Camille Gonnet our Head of Engineering is a true revolution in terms of stability and efficiency. We reached the go for the next step!

Users were requesting a lot last two years for the Big One, our flagship virtualized.

This is done, we are proud to announce today the birth of SOUND4 IMPACT .CL

It is the first step, now we will push IMPACT .CL engine days after days, improving performances, adding functions...

Practically, we are targeting different applications for IMPACT .CL processing engine:
- DLL the native engine for software integrators
- Virtual Drivers, instead of using third-party software for virtual drivers, we will develop our own solutions. At SOUND4 we have 16 years of experience in audio driver developments, the stability is our reputation.
- And much more...

Stay tuned!
The R&D team 

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