19 Apr

NAB just closed doors, it was four days very intensives, we met so many visitors and current customers. Projects are growing around SOUND4 software solutions, we are expecting a lot of new happy customers ;) 

We have proven our advance compared to non-professional solutions offered by in virtualized processing, SOUND4 is now recognized as the leader and the most advanced player in this domain. In conclusion, visitors clearly understood that we are not only proposing pieces of software coded like it was done 20 years ago!

Our strategy is to be everywhere and offer our solution in all application domains, our code is multiplatform and can run on x86 but also on ARMS. Now, why not think about macOS compatibility for studio applications?

Remember, our solutions are or will be available as:

Virtual Drivers (available now for x1 .CL, IMPACT .CL, BIG VOICE .CL)
ASIO Connected (scheduled for end of may for x1 .CL, IMPACT .CL, BIG VOICE .CL)
With our own virtual drivers for Windows, ASIO version will also be available for real-time applications.

VST3 plugins (scheduled for mid of may for x1 .CL, IMPACT .CL, BIG VOICE .CL)
Use the complete list of SOUND .CL products in your studio environments.

In containers (available now for x1 .CL, IMPACT .CL, BIG VOICE .CL)
At the top of the security for advanced high density needs, our solutions are all available in containers.

A Dynamic Library (available now for x1 .CL, IMPACT .CL, BIG VOICE .CL)
The native engine, In this case, software editors or integrators are using our dynamic library (DLL or SO) as a component.

Yes it is finished, we warmly thank all the visitors and customers who came to discover our products and discuss new projects, it's always super exciting and motivating for us.

We also thank the very friendly and professional team of Broadcast Depot, our distributor for the US and Latin America, this collaboration has been a pleasure! 

We look forward to seeing you next year from April 13 to 17.

Stay tuned!
The SOUND4 Globetrotters.  

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