17 Apr

This second day started slowly, but in general, it was looking the same as the previous one, we were busy almost all the time. What's new, is now many visitors are coming because they heard this or this... Apparently, SOUND4 Virtualized Sound processing is making some noise!

Yesterday, we promised to do a focus on our 2023's star: THE BIG VOICE .CL. Yes, it is a star on the booth, allow me to explain to you why. Look at the photo below, do you see it? No, you can't see it, it is a virtualized product!

On the table for the demo, you only see:

  • A Mic (with the arm)
  • A Mic Pre Berhinger UMC202HD connected in ASIO to the laptop
  • The laptop
  • a Headphone

Here the audio path and latencies:
The Mic is connected to the Mic Pre, then the sound goes in ASIO to the laptop, then processed by the BIG VOICE .CL and finally goes back to the Mic Pre in ASIO for listening to it from the headphones.

  • From the Mic to the PC (ASIO) 2 ms
  • BIG VOICE .CL (running in the PC) 3 ms
  • From the PC to the headphone (ASIO) 1 ms

What visitors are listening is just 6 ms total latency, which is nothing and never reached with a real and powerful voice processor running in software (I/O included). The only who propose such a chain:

  1. De-esser (with auto-tracking)
  2. 3-Band Noise gate (the only who never lost attacks)
  3. Pre EQ (4-band)
  4. 3-band Process (the most powerful engine)
  5. post EQ (4-band) 
  6. Final limiter (with advanced brick-wall limiter)

Since we launched the BIG VOICE Project we love to say “Much more than a simple Noise Gate + a Compressor” now you understand why! 

What we demonstrate is unique and a first, visitors and customers who get the chance to play with and listen to it are unanimous: This is the product of the year at NAB in terms of sound processing!

Stay tuned!
The SOUND4 Globetrotters. 

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