16 Apr

This year, this is the 100th of NAB, we can't miss this birthday!  It is always a great pleasure for us to share our latest innovations. This year, our actuality in terms of innovation is extremely loud! 

Customers and visitors are all super impress with all we are doing. Of course, we present our well-known hardware product line; this year we are introducing for USA market our 4-Channel Voice processor, the SOUND4 BIG VOICE 4. Practically, it is the same as BIG VOICE 2, but now with four channels.

Plenty of innovations... 
In the direction of Virtualized Processors. For five years now, we have been migrating our technology from hardware to software. We did not publish numerous information about this new strategy because we always announce things when they are existing!

Also, you have certainly understood that we are not doing Virtual Processing like all others who make mistakes at all levels! Virtualization at SOUND4SOFT is not using conventional software on virtualized platforms, we are definitively not thinking like this! 

An unbeatable efficiency:

  1. Less CPU
    we are the first and the only in the world who can run hundreds and hundreds of instances by using a minimum of CPU. Compared with others, who says, “we need 1 CPU core at 2GHz, 250 MB of ram per instance” Well, with a lot of lucky, a user will be able to run 35 instances on a 16 cores processor running at 5 GHz and with 8,7 Go of ram used!
    At SOUND4, we are needing 250MHz per instance and 27 MB of ram, so you can run 400 instances with the same machine, we are definitively not in the same world!!!!

  2. Multi-applications
    This is also where we are unbeatable, our solutions are available in four directions.
    With our own virtual drivers for Windows, ASIO version is also available for real-time applications
    2) VST3 PLUGINS:
    Use the complete list of SOUND4 .CL products in your studio environments.
    At the top of the security for advanced high density needs, our solutions are all available in containers.
    The native engine, In this case, software editors or integrators are using our dynamic library (DLL or SO) as a component.

  3. No more latency:
    No more latency than hardware conventional products, yes this is finally possible!

  4. Less investments:
    Yes, our competitors are needing so many servers when we are using only one for the same job!

  5. Less operating cost:
    Less power consumption, less monthly cost!

In conclusion, we are not only proposing a piece of software coded like it was done 20 years ago! This is why we have such advance and characteristics.

Back to the booth, let me tell you that we had a great time today with our customers, visitors, and the wonderful team of Broadcast Depot, our distributor in the USA.

Tomorrow we will do a focus on the first virtualized 3-Band voice processor working in real time, this is the product of the year at NAB.

Stay tuned!
The SOUND4 Globetrotters. 

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